Founded in 2016, Moda Piera is a Melbourne based atelier committed to providing value and sustainability through the provision of quality handmade furniture.

All of our products exude a utilitarian and yet elegant simplicity. They are tactile objects that are designed to be admired and made to be used.


We sell a select range of furniture and lighting products and also produce custom pieces for private and commercial applications.

Our product range is small and highly considered. It is certainly not as expansive as many of our peers, but you can be assured that what we do, we do well.

Despite this reductionist approach, we understand that the needs and wants of our customers vary. AS such, nearly all of our fine furniture pieces can be customised to meet your specific needs... From the dimensions of a desk, to the type of leather you want on your matching chairs.


By working directly with end users we can drastically reduce the amount you pay for premium quality furniture.

Having said this, we understand that value is not simply a function of numbers on a price tag. rather, it is the intrinsic benefit derived from a product you can love and be proud of for years to come.


As a company that operates on a predominantly local scale, we are in a unique position to provide a personalised boutique service.

Not only do you get to talk directly with the people who design and make your furniture, but you can have input in to the process... and not in  a way where we simply make you stew the parts together!


We are not just designers, but design lovers. As such, our aesthetic pays unashamed homage to the best of what has come before. In particular, we draw inspiration across modernist art and design movements across Australia, the America's, Europe and Japan.

In these movements we see the realisation of design that places value in a beauty born of refined simplicity and a respect for materiality. The result is furniture that stands the test of time, both physically and aesthetically.

In replicating this philosophy for a contemporary design savvy audience, we believe we can deliver true value to our niche base of customers... and particularly to those who have a deep appreciation of craftsmanship and design.


Michael Chazan

Founder, Moda Piera

PS. Speaking of bespoke service, if you would like to know more about us or any of our products, feel free to get in touch.


E: michael@modapiera.com


P: +61 425 707 967